Gas Transmission Compressor Package

To ensure that the gas continues to flow optimally through the interstate pipeline system, it must be periodically compressed and pushed through the pipeline. Over distance, friction and elevation differences slow the gas and reduce pressure, so compressor transmission packages are placed about 70 miles apart along the pipeline to give the gas an occasional “boost.” These stations operate day and night, year-round to push gas through the pipeline.


● wide range of capacity control steps to maintain proper flow at the highest efficiency;

● low ratio of compression;

● high flow.

Motor Driven Gas Transmission Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2014

Location: Kazakhstan

Shaft Power: 6200HP@ 1000RPM         

Model: Ariel KBZ/6

Flow: 35.85 MMSCFD (110×104Nm3/d)


Inlet Pressure: 88.2-102.9 Psig

Outlet Pressure: 779.1 Psig 

Motor Driven Gas Transmission Compressor Package

Delivery Time: 2015

Location: China

Shaft Power: 1224HP@ 990RPM        

Model: Ariel JGC/2

Flow: 10.23 MMSCFD (29×104Nm3/d)

Driver: Jiamusi

Inlet Pressure: 75.4-145 Psig

Outlet Pressure: 913 Psig 

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